Tuesday, January 18, 2011

American Idol Welcome Home 2011

American Idol Welcome Home takes a look back at the previous 9 Idol winners.

                                                Season One Winner Kelly Clarkson

American Idol “Welcome Home” is a documentary that chronicles the epic journey of the past 9 winners. With the 2011 Idol Premiere tomorrow, it’s only right that we take a look back at where it all began with Kelly Clarkson, who won Season 1. FOX and their hit singing competition has already changed the lives of the previous nine winners and they plan to do it again with American Idol Season 10.

While many people are speculating how the judging is going to go with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler; I think we are missing the point of the show. I can’t say that Simon Cowell’s comments weren’t great but American Idol has always been about the talent. Kelly Clarkson took the world by storm when she won the very first season of Idol and it instantly became a television phenomenon.

As we prepare for the American Idol Season 10 premiere tomorrow let’s take a look back at what this show is all about. FOX has put together the “Welcome Home” series which chronicles the life of the singers whose lives have been changed forever. From Ruben Studdard to Carrie Underwood, enjoy this look back at how AI has forever changed the lives of its winners.

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